What is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is a camera drone which captures photos and 4k video. Just wear the watch provided and select a flight mode. Dragonfly flies itself and uses GPS to follow you around.

Why Dragonfly?

Traditional drones require a transmitter to control. The user has to manually follow or cycle around the target. With Dragonfly the target is you!  You are at the centre of the footage. Dragonfly focuses on you using the latest GPS technology and never misses a moment.

How much does Dragonfly cost?

You can buy Dragonfly today for £429.

What are the delivery / shipping costs?

Delivery / shipping varies by country. At the checkout, choose your country and the shipping cost will update for that country.

How do I buy?

You can buy Dragonfly now by clicking the Buy Now link at the top.

What do I get when I order?

A Dragonfly drone, 4k camera, 2-axis gimbal, a set of propellers, re-chargeable battery, GPS watch, tracker, carry case, charger, usb cable and user manual.

When will Dragonfly ship?

Dragonfly will ship immediately and usually takes between 5-7 days for shipping.

What is your policy on refunds?

If you decide to cancel your order, we will provide a full refund to you.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We will provide a one-year limited warranty. All warranty information can be found under Terms.

Assembly and Hardware

Do I need to assemble anything when setting up Dragonfly?

Yes, this should only take around 5 minutes and every part is a simple clip and slide function. This enables you to fold Dragonfly and take it anywhere in it’s customised travel case. Please look at the manual before assembly and check out our videos section on launch.

How do I unfold the legs?

Fold out the front wings before unfolding the rear wings. Do not force the wings without sliding the button under each wing. Damage here is out of warranty.

How do I attach the landing gears?

Install a landing gear on each side by matching each one to the gear slot and slide it up.

What size is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly has a folded size of 30cm x 20cm x 6cm and weights only 1kg.

Does Dragonfly have a gimbal?

Yes. Dragonfly comes with a 2 axis gimbal, which guarantees flexibility and accuracy when filming and taking aerial photographs.

Is Dragonfly waterproof?

Dragonfly is not waterproof, which means you should always keep away from water and fly only in dry weather.

Usage and Capabilities

How do I get Dragonfly to fly?

Drone instructions

  1. Place the drone flat on the ground before you turn on the battery. The front LED lights will flash blue slowly.
  2. When the rear LED lights rapidly flashes blue, the drone is doing a self check. The lights will briefly turn solid blue and make a DI-DI-DI noise when the self check is completed.
  3. Keep people 2 meters away from the drone before starting the flight.

Smart watch instructions

  1. Turn on the drone before turning on the watch.
  2. Do not start to control until the watch screen is stabalised and a sign of connect appears.
  3. It is recommended that you do not take off until the watch has 12GPS satellites and the flight icon () appears in the top left of the watch screen.

Tracker instructions

Turn on the tracker and keep the tracker and watch no more than 1 metre away from each other.

Auto-follow mode instructions

Do not use auto-follow mode until 8GPS satellites appear in the bottom left of the screen. Once you have enough satellites, a F icon will appear and this is required before using auto-follow mode. If you have less than 8GPS in the bottom left of the screen it will not be safe to follow effectively and may behave irrationally.

How do I switch between flight modes?

It is necessary to press the hover button before every flight mode. Please study the manual thoroughly before use.

What is Follow mode?

When activated Dragonfly will follow you wherever you go! Record and capture your best stunts, tricks and journeys in stunning 4k.  Dragonfly will follow you down slopes, tracks and around circuits. This unique mode allows you to record your adventures without the aid of another person. Never miss a moment, as Dragonfly will follow and record you from start to finish! And with a maximum speed of 20mph, Dragonfly is ideal for skiing, snowboarding and off road mountain biking.

What is Hover mode?

Hover mode should be used before transfer from one mode to another.

Use hover mode to capture those perfect moments in time. Get perfect still photos or selfies from impossible angles. With Dragonfly you can decide the distance, height and angles that will capture the perfect photo. No more sitting cameras on walls, rocks setting the timer and rushing your pose. Just set Dragonfly to hover and use the app to capture the perfect photo.

For extreme sports, find the height and angle for that perfect stunt and take the picture at the moment of your choice for stunning still images.

What is Panoramic mode?

Ever tell a story and say picture this? Well with Dragonfly you can guarantee people will picture the scene with the panoramic mode. This mode adds a different dimension to your video footage. Capture your landscape and beautiful scenery in stunning 4k 360 degree footage. The Panoramic mode gives depth and imaginable perception to your videos. Dragonfly can record images in the air, cycling in a 360 degree circle using the smart watch. You can also increase and decrease the diameter of the footage circle by 5 meters at a time  at the press of a button.

What is 360° mode?

The 360° mode allows Dragonfly to cycle around you in a 360 degree circle using the smart watch.

How does Dragonfly track me?

Dragonfly uses GPS to track and watch and tracker. You need both the watch and tracker to ensure it will follow you. Do not use auto-follow mode until 8GPS satellites appear in the bottom left of the screen. Once you have enough satellites, a F icon will appear and this is required before using auto-follow mode. If you have less than 8GPS in the bottom left of the screen it will not be safe to follow effectively and may behave irrationally.

What happens when Dragonfly loses track of me?

Dragonfly will hover in place and try to recover the signal. As soon as it finds you, It will go back to whatever mode it was in before it lost you.

How fast can Dragonfly fly?

It can fly at a max speed of around 20mph.

Where should I fly Dragonfly?

The drone relies on GPS so please fly in a wide open area without any nearby obstacles. Ensure there are no buildings within 30 metres and do not fly over roads or near metal structures or strong magnetic fields. Keep people more than 2 metres away from the drone before take-off and landing.

Always keep Dragonfly in your vision and never fly across a building or any other obstacles which may cut your vision and connection to the watch.

Can Dragonfly track other people too?

Yes, just hand them the GPS watch and tracker.

Can Dragonfly follow multiple people at the same time?

No, Dragonfly can only follow one person at a time. This person needs to have both the watch and the tracker on them for the drone to follow. However, Dragonfly can video and take pictures of multiple people using the 360 degree panoramic function.


How do I set up the camera?

You must turn on the power button on the top of the camera separately before flight. You then press the record button. If you don’t, it will not record.

Can Dragonfly take photos?

Dragonfly will take photos if you are connected via the iOS or Android app. Instructions are included in the manual.

Will Dragonfly videos have sound?

Yes, the camera has a microphone and it will synchronise audio with video it records.

Can Dragonfly stream video?

Dragonfly will stream video if you are connected via the iOS or Android app. Instructions are included in the manual.

Battery and Accessories

Can I swap the battery?

Yes. Dragonfly has an interchangable battery system. Simply remove the battery and replace it with another. Its as simple as that!

This is another benefit of Dragonfly in comparison to other drones. Not only does it have an estimated flight time of 30 minutes, you can take along a spare battery to extend your enjoyment without worrying about returning  to charge.

Extra batteries can be bought via our accessories range.

How long does the battery last?

At an average speed of 15mph, the flight time will vary between 25 minutes and 30 minutes per battery, depending on how you use it.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

2.5 hours for a full-charge. But with Dragonfly’s interchangable battery mode you can enjoy longer flight times with a simple battery change.

How can I check the battery level?

Simply press the battery indication button on the battery. If the battery is full, there will be four green bars lit on the indicator.

What happens when Dragonfly is low power?

If you don’t land it beforehand, Dragonfly will smoothly land before running out of battery. The aircraft will blink red, emit beeping sounds and auto-land in it’s current spot when the battery is low power. Stand clear to avoid injury.

What happens when the watch is low power?

When the watch is low power, Dragonfly will return to the take-off point and land safely.

Can I buy replacement propellers?

Yes, these are available in our accessories section on our website.

Can I replace Dragonfly’s propellers myself?

Yes, it’s very easy to do so. A video will be added to our videos section upon launch demonstrating installation and instructions are printed in the manual.

Where can I buy replacement parts for Dragonfly?

You will be able to purchase these from our Accessories section on our website.


Is Dragonfly a toy?

Dragonfly is not a toy and should always only be used by an experienced adult.

How low / high can Dragonfly fly from me?

Min altitude: 5 ft above head level (1.75 metres)
Max altitude: 65.5 ft (20 metres)

What weather should Dragonfly be flown in?

Do not fly Dragonfly in rain, thunder, snow or fog. Strong winds are also not suitable. Weather must be clear skies and dry.

What wind speeds does Dragonfly operate in?

We advise people not to operate Dragonfly in winds above 15mph. Always ensure there is only a moderate/fresh breeze.

How far away should I be upon take-off and landing?

Always keep people more than 2 metres away from the drone before take-off and landing.

Where can I not use Dragonfly?

Please check with your regional aviation regulator before flying.  Do not use Dragonfly near:

  • aircraft, helicopters, airports and airfields.
  • buildings, roads or built up areas.
  • congested areas or large gatherings such as concerts and sports events.

Always find a large open space before use to avoid accidents.

UK customers should contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or visit the website for guidelines as these can be updated regularly.

You are legally responsible for the safe conduct of each flight and failure to follow the rules could lead to criminal prosecution.

Information for drones can be obtained here:
CAA Guidance on Flying Drones

Is Dragonfly safe to use around kids?

Dragonfly always flies above head level but it will land in it’s current spot when battery is low so always take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Dragonfly is not a toy and is not suitable for use by children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs for more information.


What's in the box?

The complete kit includes Dragonfly Pro drone, 4K camera, 2-axis gimbal, a set of propellers, re-chargeable battery, GPS watch with control stick, transmitter, carry case, charger, USB cable and user manual.

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