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Best drone UK

Could Dragonfly be crowned the best drone in the UK? Well, if your after a reliable affordable auto follow drone then Dragonfly could be the answer. The Dragonfly drone comes with a state-of-the-art 4K camera, 2-axis gimbal, set of propellers, re-chargeable battery, GPS watch, tracker and portable carry case. Dragonfly has put together the best possible package, packed with the latest technology and easy to use controls. It’s so easy to use that all you need is a smartwatch.

Best drone UK

Follow me drone

One of the top features of Dragonfly is it’s follow me mode, similar to Lily. At one touch of a button, Dragonfly will follow, record and take photos of you with its 4K camera, giving you stunning high quality photos and videos. The supplied camera can be removed and a GoPro camera can be attached instead – perfect for all of you adventure sports enthusiasts that love using your GoPro! One of the great things about Dragonfly is that it’s compact, lightweight and can be folded and placed safely in it’s very own carry case. This makes it perfect for bringing with you on your travels.

One of the best drones in the UK

Dragonfly blows away the competition for being one of the best drones in the UK. Dragonfly is one of the cheapest follow drones on the market, has longer flight times, is lightweight and can fold to be taken anywhere with its own carry case. When it comes to recording video, Dragonfly makes film-making autonomous so there is no need to have someone else control the drone and film you. Dragonfly is ideal for all outdoor activities and is the perfect choice for aerial photography. The iOS and Android app allows you to see, record and take photos in real time. Dragonfly also has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes, that’s at least 5 minutes more than most of it’s competitors. Dragonfly was designed with simplicity at the heart of it’s design to enable the user to focus on their imagination – we want users to get the best videos and photos possible. With Dragonfly, you can move the drone up, down, forwards, backwards, left and right using the watch, as well as using 5 different flight modes at the touch of a button. Dragonfly also has an interchangeable battery system which means additional batteries can be purchased and swapped over when necessary. This allows you to extend your flying time without having to return home to charge.

Key Specs

  • HD + 4K video
  • 30 minutes flight time
  • 20mph top speed
  • 1kg weight
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Dragonfly follows you

Wear the watch and Dragonfly will follow you
to capture your adventure.

Attach the watch

Attach the watch

Fully control the drone using the watch supplied.

Start your adventure

Start your adventure

Control Dragonfly using the watch using a wide variety of flight modes.

Auto-follow camera drone

Dragonfly will follow

Capture amazing photos and 4k video from the skies, wherever you go.

Dragonfly Drone Camera and Gimbal

Amazing pictures

Watch in awe as Dragonfly’s 4k camera captures crisp, beautiful video. It supports a range of other formats such as 1080p and can also take photos from above. Fitted upon a 2 axis gimbal, Dragonfly guarantees flexibility, steadiness and accuracy when taking footage. It is also designed to carry a GoPro™ during flights. The camera can be controlled entirely using the smartphone app.

  • 1080p HD video
    60 fps
  • 1440p HD video
    30 fps
  • 4k video
    15 fps
  • 16 MP still
  • GoPro™ ready
Tech Specs

Controlled by a watch

Capture the perfect shot with 4 different flight modes, all triggered with just a tap on the watch. You can also direct dragonfly using the control stick on the watch. With a state-of-the-art built in GPS system, Dragonfly remembers your take-off point and will return there if the battery is too low or if connection with the watch is lost. If anything goes wrong, the drone will land safely at the point you started from.

  • One-key Takeoff One-key Takeoff
  • Follow Mode Follow
  • 360° Mode 360°
  • Hover Mode Hover
  • Panoramic Mode Panoramic

Dragonfly Drone Watch UK

Simtoo iOS App for Drone

iOS and Android app

Use the Simtoo app to record video and take photos while Dragonfly is in the air. Simply connect using the app and you will be able to see what the drone sees in real time, allowing you to capture the perfect shot.

iOS and Android app

Dragonfly Drone Battery

Long battery life

An interchangable battery which lasts for 30 minutes per flight.*


Foldable Drone

Foldable and lightweight

A folded size of 25cm x 20cm x 6cm and includes carry case.

Transmitter included

Transmitter included

Includes a remote controller with flexible joysticks to extend distance to 1km.

*Based on an average speed of 15mph. Will vary between 25-30 mins per battery. See FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs for more information.


What's in the box?

The complete kit includes Dragonfly Pro drone, 4K camera, 2-axis gimbal, a set of propellers, re-chargeable battery, GPS watch with control stick, transmitter, carry case, charger, USB cable and user manual.

Dragonfly Drone UK

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